General Workshop

Siegfried D. Ceballos
The artist and linguist Siegfried D. Ceballos first developed visualinguistic tools in 1996 and he started the visualinguistic workshop in 1999. His working materials are ideas, and he has been creating since 1986. He is Swiss-German, born in 1962 in Switzerland, has Italian-Spanish roots, is at ease in five languages and is married to Brigitte Rambaud. They are officially associated partners in the visualinguistic workshop since 2002.

Brigitte Rambaud - Curriculum Vitæ 1979-1998
She participated together with Siegfried D. Ceballos in the creation of the visualinguistic workshop as a consultant and event manager. Today she is associated partner and artistic director of the workshop. Brigitte Rambaud studied French literature and cinema. She has worked in the art world as a gallery owner, curator and art-coach for public and private institutions in France, Zurich and Barcelona since 1979. She created and directed French art spaces like Medamothi that set standards in the 80ies. She created then Medamothi Artistic Cockpit that invented all through the 90ies trashy art-site projects.

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